Word Counter Philippines: word counting tool online for free

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Word Counter Philippines is an online word counting tool developed to help accurately count words for free. Our tool is developed to provide the accurate word counting capabilities in real-time. Our team is still currently still trying to further improve this tool for better user engagement in the future. We will also add more features that we think can also help improve this tool furthermore.

Word Counter Philippines

Why use word counters?

You can use word counting tools to easily help you determine the number of words that are already inputted for your projects or social media post for informational or marketing purposes.

Does your word counting tool have a limitation?

No, our word counting tool is developed to handle small to very large articles that some pro writers do. This tool can handle and will still accurately count these words for free.

How it Works?

  1. Enter or Type the words in the large form above.
  2. The Counted words will be projected in the top of the large text form.


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