Complete List of Mobile Prefixes in the Philippines 2023

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Mobile Prefixes Philippines 2023

Complete list of mobile prefixes in the Philippines will provide a complete and comprehensive list of all the known mobile prefixes in the country. In the past years there have been a lot of mobile prefixes added in circulation of mobile SIM cards in the Philippines. In the past years also there has been a rise of new telecommunications company servicing all over the country striving to provide a more reliable and affordable solutions for Filipinos. As more and more companies are offering affordable load promos companies are also striving to provide faster mobile internet connection as they see the rise of its needs during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and almost all the people are working from home and students needs to attend for online classes.

Are Mobile Prefixes Important?

Yes, Mobile prefixes are important because it will serve as an indicator on what telecommunication provider a user has been using.

How many telecom providers are in the Philippines?

Presently there are 6 major telecom providers in the country namely the following SMART, DITO, GLOBE, SUN, TM, and TNT.

List of Mobile Prefixes

Mobile PrefixesNetwork Providers
09173Globe Postpaid
09178Globe Postpaid
09256Globe Postpaid
09175Globe Postpaid
09253Globe Postpaid
09257Globe Postpaid
09176Globe Postpaid
09255Globe Postpaid
09258Globe Postpaid
0922Sun Cellular
0931Sun Cellular
0940Sun Cellular
0973Sun Cellular
0923Sun Cellular
0932Sun Cellular
0941Sun Cellular
0974Sun Cellular
0924Sun Cellular
0933Sun Cellular
0942Sun Cellular
0925Sun Cellular
0934Sun Cellular
0943Sun Cellular
0907Talk ‘N Text
0912Talk ‘N Text
0946Talk ‘N Text
0909Talk ‘N Text
0930Talk ‘N Text
0948Talk ‘N Text
0910Talk ‘N Text
0938Talk ‘N Text
0950Talk ‘N Text
0908Smart Communications
0920Smart Communications
0929Smart Communications
0947Smart Communications
0961Smart Communications
0918Smart Communications
0921Smart Communications
0939Smart Communications
0949Smart Communications
0998Smart Communications
0919Smart Communications
0928Smart Communications
0946Smart Communications
0951Smart Communications
0999Smart Communications
0895Dito Telecommunity
0896Dito Telecommunity
0897Dito Telecommunity
0898Dito Telecommunity
0991Dito Telecommunity
0992Dito Telecommunity
0993Dito Telecommunity
0994Dito Telecommunity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Philippines have 5G Internet Connections?

Yes, some parts of the Philippines are now 5G ready especially in major cities all over the country.

2. What is the mobile number area code in the Philippines?

The mobile number area code in the Philippines that is recognized in the world is +63 then enter the 10 digit mobile number of the user.

3. How many active mobile subscribers in the Philippines?

According to 2019 studies there has been 169 Million active mobile subscribers in the Philippines and is expected to rise due to the on-going pandemic.

4. Why is it important to determine the senders mobile number prefix?

Here in the Philippines it is very important that you know what network a certain mobile prefix belongs because it will determine what load subscription you also need to purchase to contact someone here in the Philippines. No need to worry though as almost all the mobile network providers also offer unlimited all network call and text promos for affordable prices.


0974 What Network? Smart or Globe? 0974 What Network Smart or Globe? The mobile prefix 0974 is owned and operated by SUN …

0973 What Network? Smart or Globe? 0973 What Network Smart or Globe? The mobile prefix 0973 is owned and operated by SUN …

0943 What Network? Smart or Globe? 0943 What Network Smart or Globe? The mobile prefix 0943 is owned and operated by SUN …